Why Edgegrid?

To earn together, we need to come together to accelerate climate-friendly power

why edgegrid

Climate-friendly power is the future

We can make this profitable and sustainable


Let edgegrid do the heavy-lifting

zero-carbon future is hard; you need a partner who can cut the cost and complexity of 100% climate-friendly power

your consumption

Start your zero-carbon journey

Build a data-centric foundation to achieve 100% climate-friendly power; With EdgeGrid you simplify your consumption and emission profile

your supply

Shift to renewable power​

EdgeGrid helps you buy low cost climate-friendly power from the neighbourhood i.e. urban microgrids or your local utility

your power generation

Invest for a cleaner future

EdgeGrid helps you plan your own power supply; a very profitable investment and faster payback period

your vehicles

Electrify mobility

clean air, quiet rides and happy communities. Now is a great time to go electric. power them with climate-friendly resource and earn money

your loads and devices

Be flexible with usage

Good to use climate-friendly power when it is produced – not other way around.
And flexibility is very rewarding with EdgeGrid.

a new way to increase your income