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Powering every user, every building and every vehicle with 100% clean energy - one mission

we aren’t solving a small problem and we are not addressing a small market; we are going after climate change – a massive challenge yet to be addressed at scale.

If we have to accelerate zero-carbon future for the next generations to enjoy life the way we lived, every energy user should come together to make this transition happen. Enterprise actions alone would no longer be sufficient; a consumer driven energy revolution is vital to have the desired impact. This is where EdgeGrid's mission comes into play - to bring all the users onto one platform and create shared-energy ecosystem to transition to climate-friendly power.

we are lucky to be part of this journey to reimagine and change the way energy is produced, distributed and consumed.

Transition has to be profitable and sustainable

60 billion

Accumulated losses of discoms

Do we have new business models to avoid past mistakes?

22 percent

Energy lost to transport power to every user

Can we avoid or reduce transportation of power?

61 percent

Power assets are not fully utilized

Will Climate-friendly power further worsen this?

300 percent

Cost rise due to battery storage

How do we store and integrate renewable power?

Yes, we can make this profitable; to every user and stakeholder.

What we need is a smarter solution that works & a Master Plan to build the energy of the future!

Why Edgegrid

Our mission

Create the largest climate-tech network that empowers everyone to achieve more.

Having been in the energy space, we believe that a shift in the way we produce and consume energy is essential.

Our Vision

deliver clean-energy the way it should be - at a fraction, in your control, on demand and closer to you

We are a sports team

bicycle rider

Agree? We may not look as fit but comparison fits. 😅

We are divided by the capabilities that we bring; but united by the values and the mission we deliver.

Every team member is as important as the other; you will hear all about “aligned autonomy” in the corridors of EdgeGrid.

We take utmost care and effort to get that alignment; sprint by sprint. Once aligned you are “On a Mission” - you have the full autonomy to disrupt the market.

Our values

at Deli 9 café, WeWork lobby, lunch sessions we always talk on what values and behaviours we should be known for as a team. These are more than just words and reflect on every decision we make, every interaction we have and everything about EdgeGrid.

our values will drive our culture towards “aligned autonomy” and help us achieve our goals.

we love to fail

to Learn and move the needle towards our mission

we are self-driven

we don't need directions to solve the problem; love to hear disagreements

we all are owners

we own the mission, the problem, the product and the user.

we build trust

with our users, suppliers, partners and even amongst ourselves

Team zero


today there is nothing more valuable than zero. It's all about net-zero and how we can achieve that. team zero is the founding team at EdgeGrid on a mission to achieve 100% climate-friendly power for every user. We strive to remain as one founding team to be aligned; but growth does throw up challenges in meeting our "aligned autonomy" expectations. but that's the challenge for the sports team!

Sustainability goals


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