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energy of the future

Where you
by being climate friendly

for the first time, earn money from your energy usage instead of just paying your electricity bills!

be a seller and earn from edgegrid

sell power from your power plant

earn on your own terms

sell climate friendly power for a profit

set-up your own solar plants for self-use or supplying power to your friends, family, branches, and business units within your local grid

additional revenue streams

every device can earn money for you – air conditioners, motor pumps, heaters etc. help your local distribution company and make money

reliable earnings

make new money for next 30 years, keep your upsides, minimal maintenance expenditure better than deposits and mutual funds

get paid promptly

receive cash on your own terms – daily, weekly, monthly, or annually – in advance or after sale of power

be a buyer and save from edgegrid

buy low-cost clean power with zero investments

our app halves your power bills

buy climate friendly power at cheaper rates

you can buy power from your friends and neighbours at lower rates than the current electricity prices

earn profits with zero investment

if found eligible, you can get low-cost clean and smart power with zero investment. you can pay-as-you-use

new savings from smart devices

make your devices smarter and consume power as per your local electricity company’s suggestions. you get paid for consuming power

insights, alerts and analytics

discover new ways to save costs from your appliances and devices

get powered by edgegrid

get, set, goin just few taps

  • download the app
  • share few details
  • earn rewards via payments & referrals
  • use rewards to earn cashbacks
  • get insights to save costs
get the app

why edgegrid

rewarding energy experience

make more money

provides a platform for home and business users to make more money by enabling new income from energy usage and savings on bills

be responsible; be responsive

it is rewarding to be responsible and responsive towards local distribution company requirements. let's collaborate with the utility and reap benefits

smart communities

make the local grid an awesome community by being climate friendly and helping each other to get low-cost reliable power.

net-zero future

de-carbonise the local grid to ensure carbon-free-energy for every facility & for every hour. matching demand and supply on hourly basis within the grid

about us

edgegrid is a digitally connected energy network that will deliver clean-energy the way it should be

  • at a fraction
  • in your control
  • on demand
  • closer to you
the energy cloud of india

edgegrid is a clean-tech platform that connects sellers with individuals, businesses and distribution companies that need energy services.

it changes the way energy is consumed and produced. we believe every home and business can be a seller and user of clean power at a fraction of the existing prices.

we are at a time where it is more profitable to shift to cleaner sources of energy like solar and wind. on the contrary, lowest cost of power and the cleanest form of power is the power that we do not use.

if it is so profitable and so cleaner, should we not accelerate the shift to climate friendly power?

edgegrid enables energy of the future – by being consumer and data driven.

edgegrid empowers you to take control of your consumption, your supply possibilities, your costs, your new income opportunities, and your impact on the climate - all in an app – energy of the future in your hands!

our vision

energy of the future delivered the way it should be

our mission

create the largest energy network that empowers everyone to achieve more

powered by edgegrid

trusted by local businesses

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reach us at

edgegrid, wework - rajapushpa summit, financial district, hyderabad, IN - 32

Phone number
+91 73311 22454

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